Together we can solve America's teaching crisis.

Our mission is simple: to fix the educator shortage and change education for the better.

With professional training, employment and certification pathways for TeachStart Fellows, a rewarding career in teaching is finally within arm’s reach.


Shortage of teachers across the country


Substitute vacancies unfilled each day


Teachers entering retirement age


Teachers of color vs. 80% of students

We’re a groundbreaking
teacher academy helping to solve America’s teacher shortage.

We’re a groundbreaking teacher academy helping to solve America’s teacher shortage.


Projected shortage of teachers by 2025


Substitute vacancies unfilled each day


Teachers in or entering into retirement age


Teachers of color
vs. 80% of students

Educators receive a full-time salary with benefits from day one. They complete a debt-free credential while gaining valuable skills in the classroom. 

Schools gain access to an unrivaled network of reliable, passionate substitute and lead teachers who want to build long-term careers in education. 

“TeachStart has been an excellent support for our STEAM Teacher! She came to us as a kindergarten substitute. Her versatility allowed her to move from a long-term sub position into a science and intervention role. Her coursework aligns with our school site’s vision, making her a natural hire in her second year with TeachStart.”

Alicia De Santiago, Principal, Aspire Public Schools

"As a Staffing Manager, my role to find diverse, talented candidates has become more challenging now than ever before. Thankfully Alliance's strong partnership with the TeachStart program has proven to be an excellent source for passionate, skilled teachers who will serve our scholars and support our communities for years to come!"

Tommy Dierkes, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools

“Our TeachStart Fellow has the BEST mindset. She is growth-oriented; works hard; and seeks feedback. It’s crucial that we find ways for more people of color like her to enter our schools.”

Ms. Roberto, Principal, KIPP Summit Academy

“This training was the best one I've ever attended. The material was very helpful and insightful. Now I feel confident that I'm well equipped to be an effective educator. “

Miguel Peña-Flores, ‘21 TeachStart Fellow

“For me, I was placed in a school that matched my teaching style, and I got to really know the community and grow with the students. I didn’t feel like an outsider, and I was able to connect with both the students and the staff.”

Francis Chen, ‘21 TeachStart Fellow

“Without TeachStart, there’s no way I’d be teaching in SF. I had 20 years of experience abroad, but I have a family and can’t go back to school. I was about to give up and find a new gig until I found TeachStart.”

Sterling Wu, ‘21 TeachStart Fellow

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We are proudly backed by Scoot Education — renowned specialists in education recruitment and preparation. Operating in five countries, Scoot’s mission is to help create exceptional experiences in education. How? By putting the right teacher in the right classroom in schools across America.

Our team at Scoot Education knows firsthand the barriers that make it hard or downright daunting to start a career in teaching. This, in addition to our long-term school partnerships, helps us streamline the process for schools.

This experience gives us unique insight into how to set up educators and schools for success. Whether you’re an aspiring educator or a school in need of quality teachers, we’ve got you.

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Our People

Jenny Jordan

Executive Director B.A. Harvard University M.B.A. M.Ed. Stanford University

Jenny excels at leading high-performance teams and helping schools to grow and succeed. Her professional experience includes COO for Teach For America’s Bay Area region, the launch of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation’s education giving area, and the expansion of Brooke Charter Schools and Aspire Public Schools. She is passionate about spearheading a solution to America’s teaching crisis with TeachStart.

Dr. Naama Wrightman

Director of Learning B.A George Washington University M.Ed. American University Ed.D University of Southern California

Naama has trained thousands of teachers, facilitators and leaders both domestically and internationally. Her professional experience includes ten years teaching at Relay Graduate School of Education, most recently serving as Assistant Dean of Relay’s New York Campus. Prior to Relay, she taught with DC Public Schools and Uncommon Schools. She believes in building innovative pipelines into the teaching profession and creating strong systems for teacher support. She is passionate about working with TeachStart to train and develop our Fellows.

Eduardo Santiago

Recruitment Lead - Innovation and New Markets B.A. University of California - Davis

Eduardo leads recruitment in new markets, with a current focus on Arizona. He started his career as a dual immersion teacher in a high performing charter school in the Bay Area, before moving into human resources at a CMO to lead hiring and human resources compliance. During his time as Director of Human Resources, he helped hire and develop systems for the growing CMO. A first-generation college student and first generation Mexican-American, Eduardo has experienced first hand the challenges and lack of access low-income communities face, inspiring him to break down those same barriers for current and future generations.

Kiulani Taimani

Program Consultant Lead

Kiulani started as an Education Consultant at Scoot Education on the Bay Area team in 2020 before transitioning to TeachStart to support educators on their pathway to careers in education. Kiulani began her career in a variety of recruitment industries such as healthcare, business staffing and property management. Her experience recruiting for a charter school in the Bay Area inspired her to work with educators and she has a real passion for helping to develop Fellows’ individual careers.

Natalie Toews

Manager of Operations and Special Projects

Natalie leads TeachStart's operations strategy and implementation. Before joining TeachStart in its infancy, Natalie worked at Relay Graduate School of Education managing partnership operations for the Professional Education Team's large and diverse network of school partners. She is passionate about seeking innovative solutions to big problems and believes TeachStart can pave a pathway out of America's teacher shortage crisis.